I live in beautiful, historic, Frederick with my wonderful wife, two amazing and unique kids, and a menagerie of stray and broken animals.  Add massage therapist to this and I often feel like the most fortunate man alive.
I have often heard it said, "life is a journey, not a destination." Many years ago, I had the opportunity to bike across parts of Asia, Australia, and the United States.  During my 18 month journey, I met some of the most fascinating individuals and experienced a vast array of cultures and beliefs.  

This time period was formative in developing my deep respect and love for people.  Afterward, I spent many years searching for a way I could provide help and healing for those in need.  I tried my hand at EMT training, at-risk-youth therapy, and early childhood education.  Eventually I decided to jump into a field that had fascinated me for years, massage therapy.
I had always loved getting and giving massage, maybe I could make a living at it?  
Now here I am, following my dream that was born on a bicycle in Tasmania, Tibet, Thailand, and Texas — providing relaxation, healing, and genuine love to those who come searching for it.
I am a grateful man.

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