NAMASTE:  Pronounced (nah-mahs-DAY), is a word with many meanings that is not easily translated into English.  Originally, a word of greeting used in India and Nepal, the significance of its meaning has caused it to spread world wide into a much broader usage.  Possible translations for the greeting Namaste could be as simple as, "I respect you" or as lively as, "The good in me sees the good in you" or as reverent as, "The divine in me recognizes and bows down to the divine in you".  Regardless of the exact translation, the essence of the word is the same ~ at the beginning of each relationship or interaction is first an acknowledgement of mutual worth.
For me the word Namaste has exceptional relevance to how I perform my craft.  I make it a practice to advise all first time clients that, though we all have been conditioned to view various aspects of our physicality with negative mental labels (such as too big, too small, to tight, too loose, too hairy, too wrinkled, too scarred, too whatever) the reality is that I view each and every client as physically being PERFECTLY as they are suppose to be at this stage in their personal life's journey.  I then try to encourage them to understand that these negative self projections often act as a barrier (or at least hindrance) to the level of healing and relaxation that I try to facilitate a client to achieve.  For this reason, one of the few "tasks" that I ask of each client is that he or she endeavors to put any such thoughts out of their mind if they arise, as those types of thoughts get in the way of our work.

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