I put a great deal of value in keeping a client comfortable in every way during their massage and my massage studio reflects this.
When you enter the studio your nose is greeted by the aroma of the frankincense and myrrh scented oil that is most preferred by my clients.  As you slip off your shoes, your feet sink into the soft, lush, linen-white carpet as you are wrapped in the comfort of the relaxing sage-green walls.
In warm months the air conditioning is adjusted to your temperature preference and you slip between crisp, fresh, high thread-count cotton sheets.  In cooler months the massage table itself is heated to your specifications and covered with soft, cotton-flannel sheets.
During your session, gentle, relaxing music fills the room with the volume adjusted to your personal preference.  Flickering votive-candles add a warm, soft glow to the room as a darkened atmosphere is the most relaxing. In addition, I require no light since I prefer to work with my eyes closed thus enhancing my senses of touch and intuition.  
When your massage is completed, fresh water and decadent chocolates assure that your sense of taste is as satisfied as your other senses.
34 S. Market Street 2nd Floor
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